Awareness Week – Don’t forget the ask!

There are many fabulous CHD Awareness effortProfile pics out there.  I love to see all the red on my Facebook Page.  There are also many efforts happening outside of social media – in the schools, in the malls, in the hospitals.  AMAZING!!

We can also use this opportunity to move people to action.  Raising awareness is great, but we want people to do something about it!!!!  So as you promote the week, don’t forget to ask your audience to do something…

Here are a few ideas-

  • Discover how many people they know with CHD– it really personalizes the “almost 1 in 100” and “over 2 million” statistics.
  • Donate – To research, to support, to advocacy, even just a few dollars can make a huge difference.  There are many worthy organizations out there.
  • Tell their story – it can be very difficult for someone with CHD to share their experience.  By telling one new person their story, they can make a world of difference
  • Write their members of Congress – Of course, I had to include this!!!  They can write a simple note reminding them it is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.

Raising awareness is critical – moving people to action gets results!!!

YOUR TURN –  Share with us your awareness activities and how you included an “ask!”