A Policy Agenda: A sticky note lover’s dream!

sticky notesI love sticky notes.  I mean I really love sticky notes.  (Well, actually, I love office supplies in general, but that is another story.)   I even have sticky note apps for my desktop and phone!!  The reason for my obsession:  I have many random thoughts throughout the day, and I often panic that I may lose one of these  gems, so I write them down.  I have sticky notes with lists, names, numbers, random thoughts, you name it.

If you were to look at the notes I have written over the years.  You will find a few that contain to-do lists for the day, some with to-do lists for the year, and one or two contain my “bucket list.”  In fact, I share the spirit of this quote:

“If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal — you have a wish.” — Steve Maraboli

We can apply this same line of thinking to advocacy.  If we want to accomplish something with all of our advocacy efforts, we have to have wish, then write it down to make a goal.  Then we can work on the plans to accomplish this goal.

A policy agenda is a road map for advocacy work for 2013.  It keeps us focused, but also lets the world know what they are working on.

Your turn: If you could write your advocacy agenda, what would you include?  What do you want to fight for?